Manually Download Releases from GitHub

For users who prefer to download a specific version of Request Ranger, or need to use an older version for compatibility reasons, manual installation is available through our GitHub release page.


  1. Visit the Request Ranger GitHub release page at

  2. Browse through the available releases and find the version you'd like to install.

  3. Download the appropriate release file for your macOS or iOS device (typically a .zip or .tar.gz file).

  4. Extract the downloaded file to reveal the Request Ranger application.

  5. Move the Request Ranger application to your Applications folder (macOS) or install it on your iOS device using a third-party app installation tool.

Please note that manually installing Request Ranger from GitHub will not provide automatic updates. To update your manually installed version, you'll need to visit the GitHub release page and download the latest release.

By choosing the installation method that best suits your needs, you can quickly and easily start using Request Ranger for your web development and security tasks.

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