🚀Basic Usage

This page will walk you through the basic steps of using Request Ranger to intercept and modify HTTP and HTTPS requests. With Request Ranger, you can easily debug and test web applications, modify responses, and search and filter requests. Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Launch Request Ranger

To begin using Request Ranger, open the application on your macOS or iOS device. The application will launch to the main window, displaying the "Proxy" tab by default.

2. Start the Proxy Server

In the "Proxy" tab, click on "Start Proxy" to enable the proxy server. This will allow Request Ranger to intercept and modify HTTP and HTTPS requests.

3. Configure Your Web Browser

Configure your web browser to use the proxy server address and port provided by Request Ranger. The process for doing this varies depending on the browser you're using. We recommend using Firefox for testing, as it supports HTTP and HTTPS proxies at the application level.

4. Intercept HTTP and HTTPS Requests

Once your web browser is configured, you can start intercepting HTTP and HTTPS requests:

  1. Browse to the web application you wish to test or debug.

  2. In Request Ranger, switch to the "Intercept" tab. Here you can view all intercepted requests.

  3. Click on a request to view its details, including the request method, URL, headers, and body.

  4. Modify the request as needed by selecting "Edit" or "Resend" in the request details view.

5. Modify HTTP and HTTPS Responses

You can also modify HTTP and HTTPS responses:

  1. In the "Intercept" tab, select a request with an accompanying response.

  2. Click on the "Response" tab to view the response details.

  3. Modify the response as needed by selecting "Edit" or "Resend" in the response details view.

6. Search and Filter Requests

Request Ranger makes it easy to search and filter requests:

  1. In the "Intercept" tab, enter a search term in the search bar to filter requests by method, URL, status code, or response content.

  2. Use the filter dropdown menu to further refine your search results.

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